Together with Ingrid van de Linde, visual artist and filmmaker, I started the filmproject Film du Jardin, outdoor cinema in natural surroundings to experience the magic of the night.

In three poetic art films we highlight the relationship between man and nature from different angles.

DOMINIO (42 min)
Dreams and reality are intertwined. The protagonist is Eelco Schaap, former spokesmen for Organic Dynamic Agriculture in the Netherlands, farmer and anthroposoph. We filmed on the estate Dominio at Serra da Estrela in Portugal, where he pursues his ideals. We were inspired by Eelco's dream in which the mutual connection between all living beings, the earth and kosmos is central.

TROPHY (23 min)
Inspired by the 17th-century clair obscure painting technique we show the beauty and uniqueness of horned animals, belonging to the unique collection of taxidermy animals in a private museum in Holland.
Once in a while with life music.

MARCH OF THE BEES (6.55 min)
"When the bees become extinct mankind must start to worry," Einstein wrote.
We associate the bees as light carriers with the fire blackened fields in Portugal. Light and dark, life and death, fiction and non-fiction.

2017 ‘Voice of the Raven’ (3.15 min)
2016 ‘ De Lasloods’ (4.10 min)
2016 ‘The Tavern and Mr. Bruyns’/ ‘De Herberg (66 min) (my role: general advisor)


Now and then at the right time in the right place I am telling, singing, pondering and philosophizing about love: EURYDICE, my ultimate lovestory.