About me

It’s nature that inspires me. Nature gives me happiness and teaches me to be more human: the purity of my beloved Himalaya Range, the symphony of the birds, the unconditional love of a dog, the pondering of a cow, the shade of the trees, fruit.....nature is very forgiving with us human beings who forgot that we are part of it. If we would remember that once we were one with every living soul that surrounds us, would we slaughter animals the way we do, would we use and abuse the earth and our fellow human beings the way we do?

In my visual work I use beeswax, nature’s gold and fire, warming, destroying, transforming.............
Life and death, light and darkness, the untold, the in-between, are themes in my visual work.

In my short poetic videos (with Ingrid van de Linde) I try to reconnect us human beings to the earth, the animals, the universe and catch the forgotten magic between us.

And last but not least I am a storyteller and singer. I mix up all the (animal) stories I ever told in one story: EURYDICE. My ultimate story about LOVE and an ode to a little french dog that tried to teach me about unconditional love. I wasn’t ready for it.
Now so many years later, not knowing anymore who I am, love lives and finally I understand what this little dog wanted to tell me. I love to share it with others.

'Wir sollten uns der Natur als Liebenden nähern, und dann wird sie uns vielleicht ihre innersten Geheimnisse zuflüstern' J.W.v.Goethe.

Renee Schouwenberg